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Six Pathways to Happiness

Don Sloane’s book Six Pathways to Happiness is now available! 

Many of you have expressed interest in the book I have been writing on mindfulness, psychology, and neuroscience. I am pleased to announce Six Pathways to Happiness has finally been published!

Six Pathways to Happiness
Mindfulness and Psychology in Chinese Buddhism
Volume I

“What a fabulous book. There is such a wealth of material in it for mind, heart, and soul.”  —Rick Hanson, Ph.D. (Author of Buddha's Brain)  

“A well-crafted exposition of the first stage of the Buddhist path based on personal experience and linking the insights of Eastern masters with those of Western psychology.”   —Red Pine, translator and author of numerous Chinese texts and commentaries

“This book is both beautiful and highly practical, providing the reader with clear guidance on how to proceed sequentially through the six pathways to happiness, but relayed with Xiankuan’s gentle humor and Zen-like knack for inspired teaching.”  —Todd Braver, Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis

Book Description

Why is it that all of us want to be happy, and yet we continue to experience and cause ourselves distress? Are there specific skills that the wise have practiced for many centuries that helped them feel joyful and happy? Are these skills still relevant today? Can we learn them and apply them to our daily lives? Xiankuan has studied and practiced both Western psychological methods and Eastern meditative techniques. In Six Pathways to Happiness, Xiankuan integrates Western psychology with ancient Buddhist wisdom. He presents six pathways: calming the mind, cultivating clear insight, improving loving-kindness and compassion, deepening concentration, maturing our wisdom, and being of benefit to all beings. This is the first of three volumes in which Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is shown to be supported by Chinese Buddhist practices. In addition, Xiankuan discusses the etymology of basic Chinese characters in order to help the reader literally picture how ancient masters understood the world.

Six Pathways to Happiness is available in both paperback and digital editions (Kindle & Nook). All sales proceeds are donated to Mid-America Buddhist Association (MABA), the community in which Xiankuan Don learns and practices.

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Thank you for your interest and support. 


Don Sloane (Xiankuan)


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